Saturday, November 7, 2009

the non-conformist instruments

You KNOW what I'm talking about.

Ukuleles. Accordions. Bagpipes. Kazoos. Pan flutes. Bongos.

Those instruments which are vaguely cutesy when being played on a street corner by a particularly charismatic bum. But when people try to use them in bands... WELL. THEN they get labeled as odd and non-conformist.

Its sort of ironic. Those that actually know how to play these instruments can be put into two polar opposite categories. Freaks/geeks and trendy/eccentrics. The placement doesn't even depend on their skill with the instrument!!! It's all about the social skillz.

If a guy with a kazoo's got mad social skillz, fool, then he can pick up girls with it. He is a T/E. However the awkward guy with glasses that stands in the school's faculty parking lot during lunch playing his bagpipes? No dice. That's an F/G.

Of course that makes ya wonder where heavy metal bands that employ bagpipes land. I'd of course like to point out their social skills, as well as their success rate. I rest my case.

So whilst my buddy picks up babes with his ukulele I'm gonna go and scare off some men with my accordion.